Keeps asking to Set Location (Air Purifier/Air Quality)

I’m finally able to get the time to write this, but I just wanted the Smartthings team to know that the “Set Location” for the Samsung Air Purifiers keeps asking to be set everytine I click on the device within Smartthings.

I bought 2 Samsung Bespoke air purifiers model: AX350A9350N around Christmas 2022. During setup it ask for your location (for me as I’m in the USA it’s by state) for Outdoor Air Quality. When I first set them up Smartthings worked fine, I would click on the device and they would send you into the device controls/settings menu. But ever since the update in late Dec. 2022 Early Jan 2023, everytime I click on the device now the “Set Location” portion of setup process keeps popping up. I just hit the back button and it removes the pop up and sets the location, but it never used to do this when I first got the units.

P.S. I have removed the devices and readded them; I even tried to clear cache/reinstall Smartthings and that didn’t fix it. I know this is a small bug that was introduced within the past few updates. Lucikly it isn’t hard to bypass. It’s just really annoying when I want to change the run modes or settings on the units I must bypass this pop up everytime I use the app.

I’m sur3 that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

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