Keeping the rotary dimmer


I’m looking at getting the aeon micro dimmer, but no where have I seen what type of switch is used to dim the lights, I currently have a rotary dimmer and would ideally like to keep it or do they only dim by using a retractive switch?

aeon dimmers can work with a toggle or a momentary push button switch, of any sort.
It will not work with your existing dimmer as a switch.

Are you able to dim it at the switch then or only by an app?

If you attach an external switch as I mentioned in the above post then you have control both locally, and via ST. Without an external switch you could only operate it via ST.
Though I seldom need it, all the lights in my house have local switches in addition to the control via ST
I have nothing but the aeon micros for lighting control.

The control input is nothing more than a normal switch, any switch.
There is no special dimming input on the aeons, I have over 30 of these in my house, half dimmers half switches, and they all wire up the same way.

And the aeon touch plate will work with a dimmer module (I have one and have tested it), it’s a little funky in that it requires a tap and hold to raise and lower the dim level, which is the same way that you would dim the modules with a toggle switch.
You can’t connect a pot or any other rotary or slider device to these modules, you connect a switch to it.

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