3 different types if switches in a single location. Trying to find a solution that will match visually. Help needed

So…Ive waited forever for v2, and now I’m ready to take the plunge. I will be ordering soon and need some dimmer help. I have a 3 gang box in my kitchen. I would like to match the dimmers but they are all doing different things.

1 - low voltage dimmer running under cabinet lighting
2 - 3 way dimmer for main lights (2 location, slave switch can be different) - 4 led bulbs
3 - single dimmer running lights in soffit - 3 led bulbs

Im wondering if there is a brand that has switches that all match so they look nice. I would presume I can get #2 and #3 to match, but I have a dimmer currently and on the other end is the low voltage transformer operating the under cabinet lights.

Any recommendations?

Worst case the low voltage dimmable may have to be different.

All lights are LED. All switches need to be dimmable.


If you use an in wall dimmer module like the Aeon micros or Fibaro’s you can use any switch/plates that you want.
This switch box contains 2 three way dimmers, one single way dimmer and a switch.

Seems like an interesting solution. What happens when one of the kids turns it off at the switch? Doesn’t it lose power and then we can’t use STs through the app?

Nope. If you’re using a connected switch (z-wave/zigbee), controlling the light at the switch doesn’t affect control from the app/cloud.

Interesting! Should be the solution! Only issue I see now is I believe its a spaghetti mess and I don’t know how much room is available behind the switches.

My current switches are dimmers…not simple on off’s. Will that matter, if someone has dimmed a switch half way, then turned it off…will the Aeon micros be able to operate correctly?

Any solutions for switches vs adding modules if space inside box just doesn’t accommodate ?

The aeon micros have a switch inputs that connect to your existing wall switch.
The device requires a neutral and a hot, which remains on all the time, the switched/dimmed output goes to your light(s), the switch input connects to your existing wall plate switch.
This allows them to be controlled locally and by ST at the same time.
They work the same way as other zwave dimmers/switches except you use your existing switch, vs the one the others come with.