Aeon Micro Dimmer with Adorne Legrand Touch Dimmer

Has anyone been able to get an adorne legrand touch dimmer (or any of the adorne dimmers) working with the Aeon microswitch dimmer? I want to make the Legrand dimmers “smart” and this seems to be the only way to go, wondering if anyone has gotten it to work?

not going to happen, you can’t control the aeons locally using anything other than a dedicated dumb switch.

Thanks Mike. So is there any way to make the adorne dimmers smart?

Following your set of instructions I see you were able to make the adorne switches smart. Have you tried it with all of them or only certain models (touch vs tap vs. rocker)

That’s exactly what the first link I posted above is about.

Thanks Mike. So is there any way to make the adorne dimmers smart?

Following your set of instructions I see you were able to make the adorne switches smart. Have you tried it with all of them or only certain models (touch vs tap vs. rocker)

Unless you’re wanting to tear the legrand dimmer apart, find your self an electronics engineer, and build a custom electronic interface to some existing zigbee/zwave device, then no.
The legrand dimmers and other soft touch devices are designed to directly control the light, they offer no available interface to be controlled by any other means than the switch that’s part of the device.
The adorne paddle switches work since they contain no electronics and are just a dumb electric switch, which is what the aeon micros need.
You could take one of the soft switches (not a dimmer), connect a 120Vac relay where you would normally connect the light, then use the relay contacts to control the aeon, and the aeon then controls the light… But this isn’t going to work with the legrand dimmers for obvious reasons.

Well then I guess here’s to hoping that something else comes out that will be more versatile than the Aeon. I’m now about 35% of the way through replacing my decora switches with adorne plates and switches. The problem is, I’ve used a lot of GE zwave dimmers for recessed LED lighting and don’t want to go to a simple on/off for those. So seems like all my GE smart dimmers and their plates will have to stay… So I’m half-way in but not able to finish this out…not good for WAF.

Maybe this will be for you when it comes out -

This isn’t a versatility issue with the aeons, you’re trying to take a standard dumb dimmer and convert into an HA dimmer, it’s not going to happen.

Then what would be the use case of the aeon micro dimmer, for what other purpose would you use it? What other usages would there be for something like that if not to take a dumb dimmer and make it zwave compatible?

The aeon is an in wall dimmer, it is a dimmer in it’s own right, it was designed to allow the the user to choose the control switch of their choice, be that a standard toggle, a decora paddle, a legrand paddle, or some other push button…
It was not designed to take an existing dimmer and zwave enable it.

There is no such thing as a dumb dimmer conversion module.

So basically Aeon is thinking: someone will stick this in a wall, put a dumb on/off switch on top of it and then manipulate the dimmer only via zwave ? Seems to be very short sighted design… It would be really interesting to see the Aeon dimmers in action, who has actually installed one and actively using it…

Putting a toggle switch on an aeon dimmer doesn’t disable the dimmer function, the aeon still is a dimmer whos level can and is controlled by the toggle. Now granted, that dimming function isn’t as slick as a slider. Using a momentary push button it’s much more natural, which is why I came up with the adorne paddle hack in the first place.
And BTW, every in wall switch or dimmer works the same way, they require an external switch to to control them locally.

If you do HA correctly in your home, you won’t be using your physical switches very often, if at all.

I have at least 30 aeon dimmers and switches in my home, in single, three and 4 way configurations, so I do have some vague idea of what I’m discussing here.
If I were to redo my lighting, or start from scratch, I would implement it exactly the way I have already done.

Oh!!! So you are still able to dim via the push button hack! Got it. I agree with you in principle of course, if programmed and scened properly physical interaction with the switch should be minimal, but keeping the WAF in mind, I wouldn’t be able to get away with not having dimming capability on the wall…

Thanks Mike! Very helpful. Going to try this out tonight!

here’s a video video of my three way aeon-adorne paddle in action…


So Mike, I got it all connected and used the paddle switch hack. Using ZWave I’m all set its working properly, but using the paddle it just reacts to the push but then reverts back to the previous state. So either turns on momentarily while I’m pressing down and then turns back off as soon as I let go or turns off and turns back on…

Did I screw up in the hack, wiring or do I need to change the dimmer mode?

Figured it out… Just needed to switch the dimmer mode… Pretty nice setup… Thanks again Mike!

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Need your advice once again… I’ve been using your recommended setup and have installed out several dimmers throughout the house… Doing a an Aeon switch now and got it working (controlling lights via zwave), but once I add the paddle switch the physical on/off isn’t working. I’ve tried changing the Aeon switch mode but still no luck. I checked both of the wires coming out of the Aeon switch and both are carrying current (seems odd). Any ideas what cold be causing the issue?

Thanks in advance!

are you using a the paddle hacks?, ie momentary or toggle switches?
Is this a three way or one way dimmer setup…

one way, switch setup, was using the hack you recommended. but now what i did is just take an un-hacked paddle switch and put it on top of the aeon switch and it’s working perfectly…

the only concern is that without the hack, the on/off switch states for the paddle are now going to be a bit weird since the light may be “on” while the paddle shows off…