Keeping Schlage FE599NX Unlocked

Is there any way to keep the Schlage FE599NX UNLOCKED. Even after someone presses the lock button during certain timeframes or some other configurable condition? Due to the poor design of this lock, the placement of the lock button makes it too easy to accidentally lock the door. We have guests that lock everyone out as they leave because they hit the lock button opening the door. I’d love to see a routine that would force the lock to unlock if it was locked manually during a certain time frame (for example 7am-2pm) or if we configure select a “keep unlocked” in the app. I can find plenty to ensure that the locks are automatically locked but not vice versa.

A good example is businesses that have to keep their doors unlocked during certain times of the day.

This would probably be pretty straightforward to handle with WebCORE, if you’re inclined to set it up and write a few lines of code.

Alternatively, you could add an automation with “Enhanced Auto Door Lock”. It’s set up to automatically lock a door when a given contact sensor is closed - but it will also automatically unlock if that contact sensor is open (presumably to prevent slamming the deadbolt into the doorframe). You could create a virtual contact sensor, configure Auto Door Lock to follow it, and create a second automation to open/close the contact sensor on a schedule or following some other condition.