FE599NX specific device type?

I was wondering if anyone had a device type that is specifically made for the FE599NX and will work with the Lock Code Manager smartapp. I am currently using the generic z-wave lock device type that @ethayer made but I have an issue where it will always think the lock is unlocked after a user types in their code even though it will auto-lock 15 seconds after being unlocked.

I did a quick search and didn’t see anyone mentioning the same issue.

have you tried polling the device? simply adding pollster my help, although it may also effect battery life.

Are you using his Schlage lock device type?

I could just add it to pollster but really what I was looking for was a devicetype that polls the device ~15 seconds after a user unlocks it in order to change the state. For this lock when you type in the code it isn’t truly ‘unlocked’, it just temporarily grants access.

From my understanding the Schlage device type is for the Touchscreen Deadbolt, not the FE599NX which is the lever.

Device types can’t poll, sorry dude :frowning: and if it could poll every 15 seconds you be going through batteries daily. You may want to try going back to the default zwave lock device type to see if its code gets more updates from the lock if it does, that could fix your issue too, but potentially the loss of the extra functionality of lock code manager.

The issue is it updates immediately when the ‘unlock’ command is issued but doesn’t update again once it autolocks. Makes it so whenever someone uses the lock it shows ‘unlocked’ in the app even though it’s truly locked.

I am having exactly the same problem with the same lock. Would be nice to get this fixed somehow.
We don’t need it to poll every 15 seconds. It needs to be polled 15 seconds whenever the lock is unlocked to check the state.

I’m new and have same lock. I was wondering if there’s not a way to use pollster?

I see pollster can be set to work in specific modes only. Theoretically we could set things so a pin code triggers a mode “poll lock” then set pollster to poll only in that mode. Then when the lock shows “locked” again return the mode to what it was before. Problem is I have no idea how to track the mode before the “poll lock” mode so you could return it there after.

Need to read througg the pollater thread and see if anyone fidlled with it to work off a virtual switch or something… Off to read…

heads up this device type has been updated to correct this:

works perfectly.

it’s not free though

another (and IMHO better) alternate-

if you use the smartapp “user lock manager” from @ehtayer anyway to manage your codes anyway- see this post:

basically add the one line to that app and BAM- the smart app polls the lock ONCE after the pin code is entered .

No dead batteries from having to use pollster all the time

No need for custom device type. And that’s kind of important at the moment as custom device types wont work locally on a V2 hub. at this point only smart lighting app (and maybe one other stock app I think) will work locally. For instance if you use smart lighting to turn on your hall light as you unlock the door if you use the lock it can run locally. That means it will run basically instantly and will work if the internet connection dies too.

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