Keep an Eye on Your Nest

(Bob) #1

Thermostat that is! I just walked by mine and noticed it was doing a software update. Thakfully, no apparent issues, and SmartThings can still talk to it… It’s now at version 5.1.8-3.

(Marc) #2

Nest rolls updates out slowly. I have 4 thermostats and 2 of them got this update on Feb 9, one in the 17th and one hasn’t received it yet. I can confirm everything is working fine on the ones that got updated.

(Bob) #3

Wow, you’re right… they do roll them out slowly. Looking at their update history page shows that this update was actually released on Feb 3!

(Marc) #4

They got burned very badly with their 4.0 release over a year ago where thousands of thermostats were knocked offline. They are still seeing some issues, but not as widespread. I had tickets opened for months with them on these issues.

(Bob) #5

I’m glad the update was benign, and it’s good to see a company show evidence of lessons learned. However, I don’t think it was the smartest move to rollout an update to live systems, unannounced, in the middle of winter. Seems like there would be a high probability of customer backlash if the wifi went offline during the update. The update took several minutes, so it’s possible.