Nest update seems to have left drained batteries

This isn’t SmartThings, but for Nest thermostat owners in the US, there seems to have been an upgrade to the devices yesterday that has left several of us with drained batteries.

Remember, if yours is completely drained and unresponsive to manual manipulation, you can charge it using a micro- or mini-usb cord to your computer for about an hour and it should work at that point.

Bad time of year to do software updates on a thermostat in North America.

I’m having a ‘C’ wire installed tomorrow. Tired of the Nest power stealing hack.

What version are you on? I have 4 thermostats and range from 5.1.3rc1 to 5.1.5rc7.

I’m 5.1.3rc1. Did you have problems last night?

2 of my thermostats are running that since November and December without any power issues. I occasionally get “Offline” issues which have been a problem for Nest for over a year which has gotten better with each release. It was a total nightmare a year ago.

The others are running 5.1.5.rc7

I haven’t had the problems since I got the OnHub, which does seem to have a stronger signal than previous router. But I’ve never had it go completely out before.

Anyway, here’s the Nest thread. Not too many people at the moment, but enough to signal that something happened.

My battery is up to the “turn on when someone approaches but not connected to wifi yet” level, of 3.76,

Hopefully once the ‘C’ line is installed, no problems. If so, Ecobee, here I come.

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