Keep a Handbook

This article seems like it would be useful to people here…

Anybody already some this? Got a good template/outline?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always done this in a standard punchlist format. I just use an Excel spreadsheet. The device, the physical location, the connections, and the automations. It’s simplistic, but it gives me what I need. :sunglasses:


I’ve got a spreadsheet with all my smart devices. I started it to keep track of my costs and kept adding columns. It’s got device info like brand/model plus other info I felt I needed.

I don’t have a record of automations and don’t have anything other than my SmartThings-connected devices.


Ditto! I also log the firmware version–easy for Zooz devices, as it is shown in the driver settings–which makes it easy to check for updates.

With two homes, it is just two chunks of the same spreadsheet. I’ve considered laying out some record of the scenes/automations–perhaps done in pseudocode–to make migration or recovery easier. (And, boy, do virtual devices make the automations easier!)


If ST can back systems up, shouldn’t it be able to generate a report like this for at least the ST infrastructure?

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You can certainly get a lot of this from the Advanced Web App (AWA):


yes, Downloading all devices and scenes, rules, in csv or json is a great easy way.