Document used for Smart Home planning?

Curious if anyone out there has a document you use to map out your devices, smartapps, automation for projects. I’m going to be helping a friend install everything in his new house and didn’t want to spend a bunch of time creating a template if someone had something they were willing to share.


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Hi Robin,

I know i said mapping out the devices, but really thinking more of an automation task list. A documented If This Then That. Right now i have 30+ devices and just thinking having something written that says If this happens, what do i want to do with every device involved. More of a check list to make sure I’m not leaving something out.

Thanks. I’m just now getting into the simulated switches for some stuff I have. At a point I think I may start from scratch and come up with a naming scheme for devices and get it under control now before it gets too much bigger. Appreciate the feedback and tips!