Keenu Smart Vent question

Hi there,

I am wondering if there is a simple integration where a pair of keenu smartvents could open when our upstairs furnace / AC turns on and shut when it turns off independent of temperature and occupancy?

We have a family room over the garage with a mini split for heat and AC but there are also 2 vents in the ceiling that are connected to the upstairs furnace and thermostat (located in master bedroom). I would like to have the vents open when the thermostat calls for heat or AC to help supplement the minisplit so it doesn’t have to run so much and to close when the thermostat shuts off so as to not let cold or hot air seep in through the ducts and open vents. We currently keep both vents shut to prevent this all the time.

Any thoughts if this is possible through the Keen vents and smartthings?


Bill P.

If your thermostat can talk to smartthings and reports if the fan is on and your vents are integrated with smartthings, then yes, it should be fairly easy to create a piston with webcore that will open and close your vents based on the fan state. Smartthings says Keen home smart vents will integrate, so it’s really up to your thermostat.

If you have a dumb thermostat, it still may be possible to tell when your fan turns on based on detecting when your hvac starts using power. But it would depend on how your system is wired.

I forgot to mention that I have ecobee thermostats. Ecobee 3 I believe. The non Alexa models. Also, what is webcore and how do i learn it.

You should have everything you need to do what you want. But first, do you have your ecobee3 added to your smartthings location and controllable through the smartthings app? And same with your vents?

If you don’t use webcore, there might be a way to create a routine through the smartthings app. Unfortunately the ecobee servers are down and I can’t see what actions from my ecobee can be used to trigger a routine.

Here is an introduction to webcore below. It’s a more powerful way to control your smart home devices than what the smartthings app currently allows, but it’s more complicated to create your routines.


I’ve created many smartapps to orchestrate your vents with the ecobee (or any ST connected thermostats).
The smartapps have been approved by Keen Home.

Refer to this thread for a basic integration (you can choose to use occupancy and temp sensors or not):

I’ve also some paid apps which are more advanced for the ecobee, refer to