Keene smart vent on sale at Lowes until 9/20/17

(jkp) #1

(Jimmy) #2

down to $65 from $80 at my local store


Contact sensors down to $19.99 as well… I may have to stop by after work (again…)

(Allan) #4

Out of stock at a lot of locations. Use BrickSeek to find some:

The vents are product number 999912613. When you go to a items page on lowes the ending number is usually the product number so just plug that in with your zip code and you should have a general idea of what they have in stock. Contact sensors for example are 999925302. Super handy site, especially for clearance items.

(Michael Harman) #5

Bought one via Pickup in Store, added a $10 off $50 coupon and total came out to $60.14.

Want to try one out before committing to placing them throughout the house.