Keen SmartVents - $59.99 @ Lowes

Some of the Lowes in the OKC area have these on sale for $59.99. Not a real bargain but might be worth a sniff.


YMMV, Lowe’s has another one of their vents (Rough Opening: 12-in x 4-in; Actual: 15.25-in x 3.35-in) on sale this week for $56.99, but it looks like local pick up only. I have found a couple local stores that have it for $28.50. I’m picking those up tonight!

I am looking for a vent for my basement. Only problem is CT they are all $80. Feel like shipping one :grinning::grinning:

Wish I could find more! I have only been able to find two within driving distance and have spots for those.