Keen vents, Hub or no hub?

I am also still waiting. My patience is growing thin.

So, I emailed Keen a week ago to ask when the vents I ordered months ago will be delivered. I have still not received a reply.

This isn’t looking good.

Been waiting since November…keep waiting. At this rate If you get them by the end of summer I would be shocked.

wow, I feel bad for you all. I just go get mine at Lowes. I have 11 of them. Had a bad one, sent it in, they had a replacement back to me inside 2 weeks.

I wish I could get them at Lowes, the one near me said they never got any and cannot order any

I received an email from Keen yesterday. I was told I should receive my vents in June. :angry:

I got 5 that is brand new in boxes if you’re interested. They are all 4x12

I’ve had Keen vents in four rooms for about a year now. So far, I haven’t seen any value in them. I use them to manually open and close vents in rooms we don’t frequent (i.e., the guest room). However, as far as getting them to automatically manage the temperature, they’ve been pretty worthless.

I reached out to Keen once before about it and they said using the Keen app gives you more control, so I configured all of that, but still don’t get any use out of them.

I need 10x6.

I only have them in 2 rooms and have noticed it.

I use ST to control them, before the 2 rooms would get hot in the winter and cold in the summer.

Now, heat comes on, brings the room to temp then shuts it, A/C comes on, bring room to temp then shuts it.

On the furthest room (always the coldest (W) hottest (S)) from the system I have a regular vent and I can feel the increase of of flow and temp once the vents close.

How are controlling the vents?

I currently have two and they do make a difference. That is why I ordered more. I just didn’t realize it would take more than half a year for them to ship (assuming they do).

How does this work? I originally tried it with ST, but all I could do was open close, so I set up the Keen hub and app which was supposed to give me more control, but it never really did anything for me.

I’d love to get them to function and actually do something.


Under ST, the vents can be controlled with a setLevel command just like a Dimmer Switch.

My zoned heating/cooling solutions can direct more airflow by calculating the right setLevel command to be sent for each vent by using your ST connected temp/motion/contact sensors in each room of your home.

The temp differential collected between the room temp and the desired setpoint is used for opening/closing the vents proportionally.

And, my smartapps can also be used to control your thermostat setpoints so that your vents AND your thermostat(s) are working together for more comfort based on the concepts of zones/schedules.

For more details, refer to the following thread:


Is there a particular temperature sensor you recommend? All I see is the Multi sensor which is $40…a little expensive just for the temperature.

If cost is an issue, there are those temp/humidity sensors that you can get for less than $10 and can be integrated using a custom DTH:

Zapals site is faster for delivery, but slightly more expensive :

However, I’ve not tried them myself, still waiting for my order.

See this thread for more details:



Just one thing, they are supposed to be difficult to pair with a ST V2 Hub and can disconnect from time to time.

EDIT: a safer bet for more money is the IRIS motion/temp sensor that you can use for both capabilities in my smartapps:


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I have 6 of the temperature/humidity sensors. They have not dropped out since the initial pairing was complete. I say complete because apparently it can take 2 hours for the system to complete the pairing procedure/test.

I’ve fount that my temp. sensors were ready in about 30 minutes. Only 1 dropped off during set up. Going on 6 weeks and all are working as they should. Ordered 3 more last night.

The catchall method can take a few tries to get the data you need, but it’s pretty simple to do, Just a bit frustrating.

I also have a Button/switch and 2 Magic cubes. They’ve been on the system for a cpl weeks and all seems good.

I have 4 new Keen 10x4 vents that I’m not using and need to return. I picked them up them for $60 by using the $15 off coupons while back.
$60 + shipping (no tax)
Ships USPS priority mail. Shipping weight is 3.75 lbs. Go to to calculate shipping cost ships from Virginia Zip 22901

It’s now June and I still don’t have the vents I ordered. Anyone else?


I’ve just released new major versions of my zoned heating/cooling solutions (ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule & ScheduleTstatZones v8.0 ) and ScheduleTempControl (v4.0) with the option to create new virtual Zone Devices under ST for easier control of your targeted heating/cooling zones inside your home!!

Here is the new virtual zone UI:

For more details on the zone control possible, refer to the ST community wiki (sections look and feel and configuration):

The new code can be downloaded at my store: