Keen Smart Vent - New Smarthings Issue

Since I upgraded to the new Smarthings app my keen vent no longer sends the temperature. This breaks the Webcore integration that I have opening and closing the vent. I noticed it a few months ago… but in winter the vent stays closed the whole time. With spring it has risen up my priority list. Any ideas?

Mine is working fine.

Try it and see if it works for you…

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The above Keen Home DTH doesn’t poll every minute like the stock DTH and the batteries are not drained as much… You’d need to call the configure() method.


Good here with all my vents. Here’s one: (using the stock ST DTH)

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Temperature, pressure and batteryon mine has also stopped working. on/off was fine. I went to the device in the IDE, clicked Edit and Update and that seems to have fetched updated values. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it refreshes on its own now.

That did get an update for me as well. Will also keep an eye on it.

Looks like mine is updating fine on its own now. Thanks for making me look!

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Mine has also done its first update. Thanks for finding the painless fix!

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