Keen Home Smart Vent device handler

I don’t know why but some of my vents update every 10 minutes some every 3 minutes and some can update as many as 4 times a minute. I have tried several device handlers and nothing changes on how frequently they updated temp and pressure. Which I don’t care about I don’t use those sensors. Does anyone have a device handler that allows you to turn off the automatic updates or at least control them so they are not so frequent? I have 12 vents. I get a real bad delay in my automation in the house some times and think they maybe the cause with them updating multiple times a minute.

Is the device firmware itself capable of this setting? Handler won’t do you much good if the device doesn’t support it.

Yup it is. My DTH and @yvesracine’s sets those values. I’ve changed mine to 30 minutes because these are chatty devices.

@mebaddog2002, I also have 12 vents and don’t care about these sensors. My DHT has been updated to 30 minutes minimum (60 max) for both temp and pressure:

Modify line 586 to set temperature, and line 592 for pressure. 1800 secs = 30 minutes in those lines of code. The math is easy to figure out once you see it.

Lines 499 and 505 are the ones to change if you’re using yvesracine’s DTH:


Thanks for the help. Will get that changed ASAP.

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And, don`t forget to press on the configure tile after your DTH changes…Nothing will appear on screen, but the new config values will be sent to the device.

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