Keen Smart Vents won't open unless I adjust the %

Just installed and paired my first two Keen Smart Vents. Pairing went fine and I can close the vents in the app with no issues. When I try to open the vents using the app nothing happens. However when I change the % open amount, even if it is just from 100% to 99% the signal is sent to the vents and they respond and adjust the appropriate amount. Has anyone seen this happen before or have any idea why I can’t just open the vent?


I’d recommend to use the following custom DTH for the Keen smart vents instead of the default ST stock one:

@johnconstantelo has done a great job to make the UI nicer & more user friendly.

Also, with the new smart vents’ firmware, there seems to be an issue with the zigbee command to open the vents and john has already implemented some workarounds in his code.



Thanks, that did it. They’re both working perfectly now.

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