Keen Pressure

I just installed a Keen Home vent and noticed it reports pressure in the log but not in the Right Now view. Is there a custom DTH that shows that info? I did some forum searching but nothing jumped out. It’s not really a big deal, I was just curious and if I have to use the log to see the pressure when I’m interested I can do that, too.

This one is really good and includes pressure.

Question, I noticed this pressure setting as well, and wondered what I could do with this. Wondering what you were thinking to do with that value?

Oh excellent. That one is awesome.

I don’t have a specific smart-home use for the pressure data. However, I have been re-finishing my home piece by piece and having the pressure data might help me adjust my ductwork and other hvac issues. Whoever built the ductwork in this house was not terribly smart.