Kasa TP-Link devices disconnected (July 2022)

Hey everyone - on Tuesday night, about 10pm, I received a notification from my SmartThings app saying “TP-Link | Kasa Smart is no longer linked to SmartThings and all related devices have been removed.” This was not something I had done. I checked the SmartThings app and indeed, the devices had been completely removed from the account.

Just in case, I changed my SmartThings and TP-Link passwords and then subsequently relinked the account through Linked Services (it did not ask me to re-enter my TP-Link credentials). The devices were re-added to my SmartThings account and I reallocated them to the appropriate rooms. Ever since then, the devices have been showing as offline on both SmartThings and my Google Home app and I’ve naturally lost the ability to control them through my Google Homes.

I’ve tried deleting individual devices and re-adding them to see if they’d show as offline, but no success. I also see in the IDE that each device has been duplicated, with the original device (I know it’s the original because it’s showing as no activity in 2 days and connected to Webcore) showing as ONLINE and attached to my hub and the second, duplicate device showing OFFLINE and not attached to my hub. If I try to add the duplicate device to my hub, I get an error that says:
Error 500: Internal Server Error
URI /device/update
Reference Id e89f14c1-5a4f-4e40-b62d-25c037b922a1
Date Thu Jul 07 13:59:00 UTC 2022

I’ve stopped short of deleting the link between my TP-Link account and my SmartThings account in the hopes that there is another solution and because I don’t want to have to redo all my Webcore pistons, but I’m almost resigned to the fact that this may be the only option. Has anyone encountered this issue before and fixed it without essentially a complete rebuild?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating! :disappointed_relieved: There have been some reports of similar issues with other linked services recently: I wonder if it’s part of the backstage work going on with the new architecture? :thinking:

Anyway, I don’t know of a fix, I just wanted to let you know you’re not the only one. Hopefully someone else will know something more helpful.

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And if you are using the android app, a possibly related problem has also been reported:

I went through the same problem the other day, but thought it was related to changing my internet router and related passwords.

In the Kasa app, make sure that the “remote” functionality is enabled.
Not sure what it’s called, but mine was off, so my kasa outlets all showed offline.

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I have seen TP-Link Kasa accounts that have become disconnected in the past or users changed their password and then experienced issues with their Kasa devices. The only thing that resolved it was to remove the Linked Service in Menu > Settings > Linked Services. Make sure all the Kasa devices get deleted in IDE. Then do a fresh install of the Kasa integration.

Also with devices through Linked Services, you can’t edit those in IDE. Same applies to any devices with “Placeholder” that are using Edge or the new architecture.