Kasa smart plug. Will it work w ST

Hey everyone. Needing some guidance I have a space heater. In the basement I’d like to set up for auto on/off.

Two questions. Will this work with ST? I see it says it does but also notice it’s wifi and I thought ST didn’t support wifi?

Secondly. This is rated for 15amps. Will this work with a space heater? The past plug I tried from ST kept blowing the fuse.

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini by TP-Link - Smart Plug, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa and Google (HS105 KIT) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WD6Q8K9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_p3b-Db8CH9V6T

It probably won’t work with the space heater, but it will depend on the brand and model of the space heater.

As far as Wi-Fi devices in general…

Smartthings has always had a few official integrations with Wi-Fi devices, such as the ecobee thermostat, Amazon Echo, the Ring Doorbell, and the Phillips hue bridge. :blush:

With the development of the new platform and the new V3 app, there are now a number of manufacturers of Wi-Fi devices who have created their own cloud to cloud integrations which you can access through the smartthings app. That includes TP Link Kasa. See the following review thread:

If you are still using the classic app, you cannot use that integration. Instead, you need to try one of the methods in the following FAQ:

Wait hold on. What about Iris? I bought an iris smart plug about a yr ago to use and didn’t realize it wouldn’t work. I just upgraded to the v3 hub. Am I able to use this?

First rule of home automation: the model number matters.

If it’s the Wi-Fi plug, that one was dependent on the iris cloud which has been shut down so there is no way at all to get it to work. :disappointed_relieved:

If it is one of the Zigbee plugs, then it should work.

I’m fairly confident it’s the wifi only one. Is it possible to do with a virtual switch, ifttt, and the iris+ app? I find a post talking about that as well.

Otherwise I should just trash it? Was thinking maybe with the v3 hub I could do wifi.

The HS-105 will work, as stated by JDRoberts. It does support 15 amps at 110 VAC. Your space heater would have to be 110 V and < 15 amp MAX. Whatever solution you select, it must not only work with Smart Things but support the current draw of your heater and your house wiring must be at least 15 amp on the circuit. Blowing the fuse is not the plug, it is the total load on your house circuit (space heater and other devices!

Note: a smart plug does not regulate power output, it merely switches it on or off. If the current demand is greater than your house circuit, the BEST case is a blown fuse. Worst case is a fire.

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Maybe you can help me figure out. I actually already own the ST branded smart plug. But the fuse ended up blowing in it. I just assumed it was because it was rated to low for the heater. But the fuse it takes is 15 Amp. And if I’m reading you correctly that should work with the heater as well?

There’s no way to answer your question without knowing the max draw of the heater you’re trying to use. Do you have the specs for the heater, or a make and model number?

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My understanding is that since Lowes shut down the Iris cloud, you will no longer be able to use it with the iris app. You can try it and see. They no longer have an IFTTT service.

Jason this is what I’m working with.

That’s the model number, what’s the brand?

It’s the one from Lowe’s, it should not be used with any plug-in pocket socket. You need a heavy duty device for it.

Always plug heaters directly into a wall outlet/receptacle. Never use with an extension cord or relocatable power tap (outlet/power strip) because of the risk of overheating the cord and the risk of fire. Extension cords are for temporary use only. If an extension cord must be used, it must be UL/CSA certified, rated at 15A (1,875W), 125V maximum with 14 AWG minimum and constructed of two current carrying conductors with ground. A heavy duty extension cord with the shortest length possible for the connection is recommended and must not be longer than 50 ft. (15.2 m). Do not coil or cover the extension cord.

JD thanks for the info. Can you explain why? By heavy duty do you mean in wall outlet?

It’s in the user manual that I linked to. They are concerned about The intermediate device catching fire. Heavy duty is defined in the part that I quoted. It’s a technical specification in this context.

Thanks. If you look at the warning closer it looks like it referring to extension cables and the potential for the heat to defect them.

Also. Is it safe to say this Iris plug I have is basically trash now?

Note that it says that also refers to “power taps”— That’s what a plug-in smart plug is. It’s something that sits in between the wall outlet and the plug for the device.

As far as the Wi-Fi iris plug, if you can’t make it work without smartthings, you won’t be able to make it work with smartthings.

Thank you sir. Always appreciate all the help you provide here.

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There have been some people who were trying to get those Wi-Fi switches to work with other platforms, but I don’t know how far they are in the project. There’s a small chance that you might be able to give the switch to somebody else who could use it, but hopefully somebody will chime in here if they know. Nobody has them working with smartthings, though, that I’ve heard of.

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