To kasa link smart plug question

I believe I read that the to link kasa smart plugs on sale at amazon work with smartthings…do they? Only other question would be are they as good as Samsung’s smart plugs? If I has to guess I know they aren’t a zigbee & z wave repeaters like the iris…man I wish those plugs were still made.
Thanks guys.

I have the kp400 outdoor plug and it works great. I have never had any issues with them.

Here is the list of other supported outlets for Kasa with the new app:

I do not have any ST smart outlets so I can’t compare

I have had multiple HS105, HS107, KS200, and other devices for four years. No problems whatever in the device reliability.

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Same. I’ve have had all of these for a couple years (76 in total):
HS300s, HS105s, HS200s, HS210s, and a metric crapton of KL130s. I’ve not had more than a couple momentary issues out of any of the TP link stuff. Their integration is pretty much bulletproof.

I have only 1 samsung plug on my washer to serve as a power meter/alert when cycle complete device. The TP links do NOT have power monitoring. This isn’t important to me in most instances is why I only have 1 samsung plug.