Kasa Apple HomeKit switch vs Kasa Matter switch

Can somebody confirm? Am I right in thinking that if I buy Kasa Apple HomeKit switches I have to add them via the Kasa App and then link that Kasa account to SmartThings? If I buy the Kasa Matter switch I can add it directly to SmartThings and forego the Kasa App?

I ask because a like to keep my life simple and don’t want yet another App to manage devices (so I’m trying to get around needing the Kasa app!)

Kasa Apple HomeKit

Kasa Matter switch

Thank you in aticipation.

Matter is better for SmartThings if you have the hub since the integration will be local and not cloud-based. Having cloud based switches is a bad idea.

The Kasa app may be needed though to auto-update the firmware or set features. I don’t know what features are available for a switch but in bulbs or plugs you can set the behaviour after a power outage for instance.

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Thank you, yes I have a hub so speed via the local hub will be helpful… I’ll buy a few and report back; I have to buy 8 switches so was looking to save a few $$$…

First rule of Home Automation: “the model number matters.”

In this case, the specific model that you linked to, KS200P3, works with either HomeKit or SmartThings (if you look closely, you can see a SmartThings logo on the package.)

The main difference, as @mocelet mentioned, Is that if you get the matter model then the link between the device and SmartThings will be local, but then you do need to have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub.

For those who don’t have a SmartThings hub, the KS200P3 can be useful since the cloud to cloud integration does not require a hub for use with SmartThings.

Thank you; indeed it does show the the SmartThings logo on the packaging and this was not lost on me; but, if you do some digging through the comments it’s mentioned that you need to use the Kasa App before integrating in to the SmartThings app and hence the question… I don’t always have faith in Amazon review comments and therefore wanted to check here!

In lieu of model number I decided to link to the respective products! Sorry about that!

Three matter switches are on the way tomorrow morning!

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In early 2023, there was a community created edge driver for the KS200P3 which did allow you to skip the Kasa app, but that developer has since moved over to a different platform and apparently the edge driver doesn’t work anymore. :man_shrugging:t2:

The matter version is not likely to run into that kind of issue since it is officially supported.

Awesome - Thanks, Matter it is, will report back on how it goes when I finally get around to it! Sick of kids leaving the lights on in the basement!..

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So the switches arrived and connected to matter, the SmartThings app just popped up a message saying new matter device found, I scanned the bar code, gave it a name, added to the correct hub (I have two) and added it to the basement room. I also had to add the device to iCloud which was not anticipated but OK… The whole process was quite flawless. However…

I will not be keeping these particular switches for two reasons:

  • No dimmer capability which I completely missed (my fault)
  • The switch doesn’t toggle; so I like to press the top to turn it on, and press the bottom to turn it off like most decora switches. This is pressed only at the bottom to both turn on and turn off; I don’t like this as it differs from all the other switches in the house. Yes it’s minor but I’m quite picky!

I can’t fault the switches just my usage of them… I will try to find something else that has a dimmer and a toggle; given I need 9 cost will be an issue here.

Unfortunately for your wallet, the only Matter dimmer I know of that “toggles” is Leviton model:

If you’re patient and willing to take a little risk with pre-order, inovelli a Matter over Thread dimmer coming out (assuming you have the V3/Aeotec or Station hub)

Thank you so much for help Jimmy.

It’s funny but I was looking on Amazon to see if Inovelli had anything; I already have one of their switches which I like! I guess I could also just go with Zigbee or Z-Wave (that’s what the rest of the house has); do you have any preferences if I go in this direction?

The 10pack might get me in some trouble with the boss:


My advice for something of the quantity would be anything but wifi :slight_smile: Zigbee, zwave or Matter over Thread.


Confused! Anything but WiFi? So Zigbee, Z-Wave or Matter or do you literally mean none of these…

I mean use Zigbee, zwave or Matter over Thread. Matter is a little confusing because it can use Wifi or Thread. The Leviton dimmers use Matter over Wifi. The inovelli dimmers use Matter over Thread. Which model ST hubs do you have?


Most Wi-Fi routers of the type used in most homes assume that 30 connections at once is a “high load.“

Some of them won’t let you connect more than about 30. Most of the more expensive ones top out at about 150, but still recommend a lighter load than that.

In the case of something like a light switch, as long as it’s not doing energy monitoring, it’s likely that it only sends a tiny message infrequently. After all, how many times a day do you turn on the same light switch?

However, the problem with the Wi-Fi limitations is that they aren’t looking at the amount of traffic that the device sends: they are setting the limit on the number of devices that can be connected.

So while it’s unlikely that a Home Automation device would interfere with a streaming video or audio device, it will still need a slot, and you probably have fewer slots on your Wi-Fi router than you expect.


By using Zigbee, zwave, or thread instead you are leaving more slots open on your Wi-Fi router for the kind of devices People usually attach to them: security cameras, tablets, cell phones, streaming boxes, video doorbells, printers, etc.

It’s your choice, but if you have to set up a separate Wi-Fi account just for your Home Automation devices, that’s an added cost as well, obviously.

Smartthings itself has a limit of 200 devices per location, regardless of the individual protocol being used, but that’s a separate issue.

(We should probably note that SmartThings staff have said publicly several times that their typical user has 15 or fewer devices on their SmartThings account and never uses any custom code. So they aren’t likely to run into that. But power users can certainly use a lot more and if you start replacing every light switch and outlet in your home, you’re likely to go over 15 pretty quickly. )

Thanks for clarifying (esp. the Matter WiFi vs Thread difference - I wasn’t aware of this). I have this hub:

I believe it’s V2.

I have a Netgear Orbi router that already has a lot of devices connected; I also like keeping smart home stuff off of this as certain devices have certain IP ranges; that way I can spot rouge devices on my network, so computers are connected on the range 192.168.30 - 39; phones 192.168.40 - 49; etc… I did say I’m picky! Thanks guys for helping.

By the way - I’m way over 15 devices but nowhere near 200!

Your hub should have a label with the model number on the underside.

Or if you already have your account set up,


Will have the details.

Indeed, I look at Samsung account, navigate to Hubs, “House Hub” and I see this:


It says V2_HUB; this is way easer than looking at the hub (I have two). Thank you. I still need to find some cheap decent single pole switches if anyone has a recommendation…

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IIRC you are in the US and have a V2 hub, correct? And you want a standard rocker style switch, where you press on the top for on and on the bottom for off.

If so, a very popular choice are the Zooz zwave switches. Good price, excellent engineering, ETL safety certifications, work well with SmartThings and the Company has historically been committed to dealing with SmartThings’ various idiosyncrasies. For example, they provide their own custom edge drivers. They also have very good tech support.

Zooz is the house brand of the specialty retailer The Smartest House.

You can buy these at Amazon or direct from the smartest house:


Yes, they’re zwave, not Matter. I personally don’t think that’s an issue, but choice is good. :sunglasses: (and of course, as I’ve mentioned before I buy all my SmartHome stuff with the idea that I might want to replace it every three years, so as long as I get my money’s worth out of it is that time I’m happy and I don’t have to obsess over futureproofing.)

Does Zwave Have a Future?

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Thank you so much for the recommendation, this is super helpful. To confirm, I’m in the US, have the V2 Hub and want the rocker style switch. I’m also looking for dimming. I’ve given up matter vs zwave; in this case I’m more sensitive to price given how many switches I need. I’ll report back once I’ve taken a look - Thanks again for your help :smiley:

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