Just ordered Samsung SmartThings and Google Home

Looking to dive in to home automation and was wondering if anyone knew of a resource with some common applications that I could follow to get started and get used to the whole smartthings/googlehome/ifttt eco system. Also thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi to toy with and see what potential there is on that front. Thanks!


There are two resources in the community – created wiki that might be of interest.

First, take a look on the quick browse lists in the project reports section for the “get started” list. You should find a lot of things there. :sunglasses: ( The “impress your friends” list also has some of the cooler projects, like a secret bookcase room.)


Second, since it sounds like you have a strong technical background, there is a technical welcome letter that might be of interest as well.


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Thank you for the reply! I’ll dive in to this right now.

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