June 2019: August Pro Z-Wave commands fail if August app is not in use (previously worked fine)

I’ve tried a few repair ops before but I’ll try one now. I do sometimes get errors with one repeater when I do repairs. Would a repeater problem also affect status data? I can see changes in state of these locks when I unlock it outside of the smartthings app, it’s only commands to lock or unlock that fail.

There are other community members who have been reporting this problem for about a month, but it’s not all August owners and no one has been able to figure out what’s going on. :scream:

Definitely report it to support. The more people who report having a problem, the more resources they will assign to investigating it.


@rboy , I don’t know if you’re getting many reports of this, but at this point there have been at least four people in the forum reporting that they had an August lock that had been working just fine for some time and now is unreliable. So I don’t think it has anything to do with repeaters or batteries, it appears to be something in the Z wave implementation. Or the August firmware. But since it’s not affecting everyone with an August lock, I’m not sure what’s going on.


Thank you! For some reason this didn’t show up in my search. I’m forwarding this to the support team now. I asked just this morning if other people are hitting it.

In the meantime I did do a removal of the problematic repeater from my system. I’ll see if anything changes, but it’s good to know it’s not just my system.

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First rule of smartthings: it’s never just you. :wink:


Barring the odd incident and the platform issue/slow mesh two days ago.

There could be a bunch of things to rule out:

  1. With the recent firmware update there may be settings or z-wave firmware updates which may be affecting the way it interacts with the mesh, particularly the wake up internal. If the firmware claims to improve battery life, I suspect they may have changed the default wake up interval (it’s typically every 100ms to 300ms) and reduced it. While this in itself may not be bad, it depends on the chipset and the mesh. If the interval isn’t timed properly or it does doesn’t wake up for long enough it may miss the events.
  2. Coming to the repeater, this may actually be the case where having the repeater helps, since if the lock is delaying the wake up timing, then there needs to be something to hold the messages. If the timing is off or isn’t waking for up long enough then it’s possible the repeater may not help, but the best way to rule it out is to add a reliable repeater close to the lock and do a Z-Wave repair and see if it makes any difference.

I’ve seen a couple of folks report that this issue only happens after the lock does to “sleep”, and when it awoken using the August app it starts responding again. I would suspect that August either has a bug which is turning off the Z-wave chip or it’s playing with the interval timing which may be messing with the mesh communication.

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August support just emailed me and said that no one else has reached out to them. That either means this one support rep is unaware of it, is hiding that information, or no one has actually contacted them. For anyone here who has not done so, please email august support and let them know that you’re seeing this issue.


Do you have contact info or a case number we can reference? Be glad to do so

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Their support email is just support@august.com. They do actually have phone support 1 (844) 284-8781.

They haven’t given me a reference number for the bug they have open. I’ll see if I have a support team reference number. What I would do is reference this post. As I’ve used the same link in my correspondence with them.

And thanks!

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OK, I just emailed the support address with some details and links to these two threads. Let’s get some more folks sending those tickets in!


I submitted a ticket in reference to this post. Between the battery reporting issue (which they told me wasn’t them) and slow to respond through zwave commands it is sad.

I started having the exact same issue recently, so I also submitted a ticket referencing this post. Thanks for detailing this issue so well!


Are those of you that are having problems all using the stock dth, or are you using a custom dth?

I’ve tried the default (Z-Wave Lock). I’ve also tried the z wave lock with codes, z wave lock without codes, and rboy’s custom DTH. All behave the same.

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I’ve tried both the default DTH and rboy’s DTH and ran into the same issue.

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I reported the issue to both August support a couple weeks ago and smartthings support last week. August blamed it on ST. ST is giving a bunch of suggestions that don’t do anything to fix the problem

If this issue is still ongoing, I recommend you open a ticket to SmartThings Developer Support so this issue can be reported and fixed or escalated to the proper team.

I woudn’t have to be an August employee to do this?

No we just want this issue to get addressed and reported so that the Development team can assess the situation.

Ok, ticket opened. I gave them my August support ticket reference # as well.

What is the difference between submitting a ticket at Samsung Developer Support and SmartThings Support?

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