July 2019: Official Lightwave RF integration

New official integration in the V3 app!

UK company, very popular because they make light switches that do not require a neutral wire. (They are also HomeKit compatible, although I don’t know if you can use both integrations at the same time.)

Anyway, I assume this will require the lightwave RF gateway and is cloud to cloud, but still very cool. :sunglasses:

I’ve just been looking at this today.

I’ve been reading many reviews in the past few days but no one has mention them now, while in the UK they seems to be the best choice overall!

Official ST integration, 1/2/3/4 gang, dimmable, 2 way , compatible alexa ,google home, IFTTT, and it doesn’t need neutral!

Don’t think this is the best UK option at the moment @JDRoberts?

I think lightwave RF is a good well-established system and there are some good integration options now.

I think the main reason that people are looking at other options are:

  1. It’s more expensive than many smartthings customers want to pay

  2. it’s a cloud to cloud integration, requiring its own gateway to work. And it will only work when the smartthings cloud is available.

  3. it has a limited set of color/style options

So it’s just a matter of personal choice. If I lived in London and was looking for a SmartThings-compatible system, lightwaveRF would definitely be on my candidate list. But I understand why other people might want to only look at devices with a direct connection like aurora AOne. :sunglasses:

Thanks for your answers mate,

I’ve been talking to a representative of lightwave Rf and he assured the gateway is only for voice integration and 2way feedbacks, however compatible with St without it !

In regards of the Aurora Aone, I don’t think they would suit for me.

What I need is :sweat_smile:

  • single box: 1/2gang ( switches )
  • Double box : 3/4 gang
  • no neutral required
  • dimming available
  • compatible st obviously
  • design not awful

That’s why the lightwave Rf I think is the best out there in UK at the moment .

What do you mean by cloud to cloud ? Without internet it wouldn’t work as a normal switch ?? On/off?

There must have been some misunderstanding . LightwaveRF operates on a different radio frequency than SmartThings: it is impossible to do the integration directly. You must have the LightwaveRF “LinkPlus” controller installed or the LightwaveRF plus devices will be invisible to SmartThings.

“Cloud to cloud” means the integration works the same way an integration with a voice assistant works. The internet must be available or SmartThings will not be able to communicate with the LightwaveRF devices.

However, just pressing the switch on the wall will still work to control the light on that circuit. It works just like a dumb switch if the internet is not available.

You are right!
I think the representative that suggested that was wrong!

My doubt right now is, I’ve got to install this in a 4 stories house, and because I guess the smart switches would have to talk directly to theI link plus, and they would not create a mesh like zigbee or zwave does , I would probably end by not covering the whole house with one lightwave link plus right?

Also in regards of the ST hub, can it sits on the house network and use the house network to talk to devices?
Or again the ST hub would need a wireless extender of his own to cover the 4 floors?

I understand the mesh devices would repeat signal among themselves , but because I’m planning to install lightwave ed switches, I won’t have that, and maybe by installing few other bits like smart zigbee plugs, I could have some Of that, but surely not enough to cover the whole house!
Can you help mi understand this better please?

Start with the repeaters FAQ. It should help a lot. :sunglasses:

Begin by reading post 11 in that thread, then go up to the top and read the whole thing. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

As far as LightwaveRF, you would need to ask them, I’m not familiar with their protocol.

As far as this goes, WiFi, zigbee, and zwave are 3 separate networks using 3 different radios.

The SmartThings hub is just a plastic box which contains multiple radios and a little computer to manage everything.

The hub will use its zigbee Radio to talk to devices which use zigbee. It will use its zwave radio to talk to devices which use Z wave. It will use its Wi-Fi radio to connect to your house Wi-Fi network, but that won’t have anything to do with talking to a device that uses Z wave.


So are there SmartThings hub repeater that I can connect to the datapoint in the house I case I won’t have enough zigbee devices that creates a good mesh to reach the top floor of the house?
As I was saying is a 4 floors house including the basement where the kitchen is, if I place the at hub in the middle, gf or 1st floor , I don’t think I’ll have a control of devices installed in the 2nd floor for example!

Please read the FAQ, it will explain.

Many of your regular devices, such as light switches or plug-in pocket sockets will automatically act as a mesh repeater so there really isn’t the concept of “datapoints“ as you are using it.

Also, read the following FAQ about large houses. It should help you understand better. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

Thanks @JDRoberts!!

Sorry I forgot to mention that I have read it when you suggested it!

What I was saying is what if For example I don’t have enough devices in between the st hub In the ground floor And the Devices in the 2nd floor ?

Maybe I won’t install anything on the first floor and I would need something in between to help reach the signal to the floor above!

Would You suggest to use whatever device to help the mesh flow through?


That’s all covered in the FAQ.

you need one zigbee device that can repeat about every 15m And one zwave plus device that can repeat About every 20 m unless you have a cement or adobe house in which case you will need more. Seriously, this is all covered in the FAQ. :sunglasses:

Thanks a lot for your help and patience mate!!
I will read it more carefully !! :wink::wink:

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