JSON messages from LAN devices

Hi everybody,

I have a handful of device handlers that I have written with moderate user bases, and I’ve recently noticed a problem that seems to be affecting quite a few users…

Basically if one of my integrations sends a LAN message too frequently (approximately less than a minute apart) then ST has started ignoring it. The messages don’t appear in live logging but are definitely being sent by the device, and as a result the devices and tiles don’t update with current status correctly and integrations/rules break.

I have noticed this occur in the last couple of days, and it was only when the fourth person messaged me about it that I knew it wasn’t me! I wonder if there are some new limits on the number of messages that a single device can receive? If so this is very problematic as most of the integrations work with a single device operating as a master/parent for a handful of children, hence has to deal with all of the LAN messages for the children.

Has anybody else noticed anything similar or have any ideas for a fix? Or seen any notifications about problems? Just seems to have randomly started happening for an increasing number of users of my integrations so would love to hear from more users

ST is not being very proactive about fixing functionality that (accidentally) breaks when they are making changes these days, especially when it comes to the networking stack. Here is an example:

I don’t know if it’s related but I would recommend opening a developer ticket with ST, providing them with the details required to replicate it and hope that they will investigate and fix it. You’ll have to keep following up with them and hope that someone in the staff would like to spend the time to investigate and fix it.



Curious… thank you. I have sent them a support message and a few details to help them re-create, though I expect they will have specific requirements so will send them what they need when they respond (hopefully they do respond!).

Have you noticed any random problems in the latest 000.025.00026 firmware from your own experience? I’ll get onto some googling!

Even more curiously it has now started working again after 3/4 days of being broken. Will see how it’s going in another 24h. This is the first annoying instability that I’ve had in ST for a while so I guess I’m going to give it a longer chance to prove itself again…