March 4th- 4th day a failures from this $hit system

Everyday this month things are failing. Telling me to update everything is bull$h!t, I shouldn’t have to dick around 10 times a day with an AUTOMATION SYSTEM.

One of the oddest things that happened (Just last night) In the mobile app all the devices in one room have disappeared. IDE show their there, Hard to do anything with that app without it crashing.


yeah for some reason my hub went offline at 330AM. Made for a dark and cold house when I got up. It would not come back online without battery removal.

Others, including myself have run across this problem. Checkout this thread below. Basically, you need to go into the IDE and add your hub to all your device by editing each device. For a lot of devices, that field is blank. This happened to most of my virtual switches.

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I’ve had this set up for about 4 months and have needed to contacted ST support at least 50 times. 95% of the responses seem to be, We know, we’re sorry, we’re working on it. one Rep told me that they had bigger problems then mine to deal with. I hope he no longer works there.


Yep. Just looked at the IDE and 9 faders and 5 devices are not connected to the hub. Just ridiculous. SMH
Thanks again for pointing that out.

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Both my Ecobee thermostats and 6 remote sensors including a few other random devices missing from rooms, YEP, ST piece of &^&^ erased them the hub location… I spent 1 hour trying to figure out hwre they went, adding them back to the hub… Really SmartThings, this is acceptable? Doh!

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What’s sad was the first year they were in business it was the best support team I had ever seen. In fact they wrote me a hand written christmas card. Now it’s one of the worse (that’s saying a lot my companies support is pretty damn bad :slight_smile: )


I totally agree! It had great support and WAS a stable hub! What I wouldn’t give for a system I could trust. They have a great system strategy, but execution of that strategy is failing!

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its because they got purchased by a multinational corporation that has only cares about the next quarter.

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Weird…what Hub are you guys using?

I’ve had my hub and all of my things for about 4 months now and I’ve rarely had any problems.

I have about 15 things connected (LIFX bulbs, zigbee osram bulbs, wemo switch, zwave remote, motion sensor, open/close sensor, smart outlets).

The only problems I’ve had so far is I’ve found that the presence features built into the app suck, but my girlfriend and I already use Life360, so I just connected those. And then sometimes I have problems controlling my WEMO switch and whenever that happens I just open my WEMO app to get around it. Though, who knows if that’s an issue with WEMO or with SmartThings, probably the latter.

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Scheduled lighting events have become unreliable since the latest hub update. Not saying the hub update is the problem, just lights are not following the schedule since the hub update. I see program command in the log but the device is not reacting. And, scheduled “off” events appear as program “on” events. Very strange.

I am with @chadbaldwin, I have had my hub V2 since it came out… I have about 15 things connected. I wonder if there is truly a limit to the zigbee/zwave connected devices? Sounds like most of everyone that is having a lot of issues has a lot connected, I am meaning like 20+ things connect. Kind of like wifi the more you have connected the less data is able to flow. If I connect more like I want to I wonder if I will start to see a lot of the problems.

Just a thought and my opinion.

Very very slow ios app… Seems to have started with the new update. Anybody else experiencing this?

I have had issues crashing and being slow since the last IOS update

There is a maximum of 232 zwave devices. The limit for Zigbee should be higher, but I’m not sure what the ST max is. I know there are community members with a couple of hundred.

It’s true that WiFi tends to slow down as you add more devices, but it’s a completely different kind of network topology. All the devices are communicating continuously to the hub.

Smartthings is using Z wave, which is a mesh topology, and Zigbee mesh. Mesh network devices are not connected continuously to their controller, so you don’t run into the same sharing issue that you do with Wi-Fi.

In general, the more mesh devices you have that are capable of repeating, the stronger, smoother, and faster your network will be.

Battery powered devices don’t repeat, but most mains- powered devices will. Zigbee repeats only for Zigbee, and Z wave repeats only for zwave. So the usual way to improve network quality for mesh is to add more devices, not fewer. As long as they are repeaters.

For this reason, your mesh network will typically get better as your installation grows over time. Not worse. :sunglasses:

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@TEWphotography @txsarge , I had to chime in on this discussion because I’m one of those 200-300 device people (and growing). I have a wide variety of devices from a wide variety of manufactures, and they’re WiFi, zigbee, and zwave using my own custom device handlers in many cases. I can honestly say I spend more time in this community reading and contributing, and developing code (I say that loosely btw) than fixing problems.

I do not use ST for security, but for HA it’s doing a ton of stuff around our home. My family and I use ST every day (with Alexa in the loop), and we have some reliance on it for certain lighting requirements, leaks, and thermostat management. I don’t rely on phone presence for anything.

While I’ve had my fair share of issues, a good portion can directly be related to things I did (to break or fix for that matter). The rest are caused by ST, but nothing like what I see others go through. I’ve been using sunrise/sunset triggers for so long I can’t remember (2+ years), Smart Lighting for almost everything, and now more and more SHM rules.

I check my ST ecosystem daily for anything odd, but I can honestly say that I’m doing much better now than any other time I can remember, and I’ve been with ST since December 2013.

What @JDRoberts stated above is so important, as well as hub placement, signal interference, zwave/zigbee repeaters, mesh health, etc. I literally have my hub hanging behind a dresser between a mirror and wall completely out of view (wife requirement), and it’s on the opposite side of the house from any other network device.

I’m not saying ST doesn’t have their fair share of problems, far from it. I do strongly believe they have gotten better, but they still have a lot to do.


As long as the hub hardware can actually handle the load. I can say with 60+ devices ST is having no issues.
Only problem I have really had in past 6 months is
1 lights not coming on at sunset fixed with adding illumination sensor
2 The flaky integration with TCP.and Wemo lights no problems with Osram, Harmony or Hue.
3 The (now fixed) not being able to add family members to account .

Yes I still get the occasional drop off of a GE bulb, but replacing the GEs with Hues is slowly fixing that problem. ST is definitely 1000x more reliable, supports a lot more devices than any of the other hubs I have had.

please tell me about this. Do they have limited access?

Invited the daughter ,so she has her own ST account and full access so she can control her 1/2 of the house. Put Life360 on the wife’s phone, since she has no interest in how it works. Her interaction is limited to putting her personal code into the door and Alexa.

UPDATE … on the very slow ios app… Did a zwave repair and all is back to normal