Jinvoo SM-a702a Door / Window Sensor - Device Handler?


Greetings ST Community!

I have looked at every Door / Window Sensor thread on this board and can not find a handler to work with this Jinvoo SM-a702a.

It appears to be the same as a Xenon Sensor, but no handlers there either???

Anyone know how to get this to work with Smartthings Hub? None of the built in or generic handlers find this device…


(Jimmy) #2

Add it and set it to the default z-wave door/window sensor device type in the IDE and see if it works.


Thanks Jimmy!

OK, that gives me something to go on, but how do I add it if it is not recognized by the app “add new device” ??

(Mark) #4

Are you putting the device into pairing mode while the hub is also in pairing mode?

Also, you have a US ST hub, right?


Hello there! Thanks for jumping in…

Yes, device is in pairing mode and I have a US ST hub.

The ST Hub does not discover the sensor at all, I can’t add it even manually… :frowning:

Is it just incompatible or something? Seemed pretty sure the Z-wave 908.42 was ST compatible?

edit as a side note, I’ve tried several ways to get this into pairing mode. (long press, multiple presses, long 20 sec resets, batteries in/out, etc…)

It is so cheap it did not come with English directions, and Jinvoo Sensors don’t appear anywhere on the 'nets …

Guess I should chuck it and buy something with documentation??


*** FYI UPDATE ***

If anyone ever has one of these, they are marketed under Jinvoo and Xenon brands.

After trying “millions” of button push combos I can inform the communtiy of :slight_smile:

  1. 20 Sec hold button, 5 light blinks: hard reset
  2. 3 Very FAST button clicks, 3(or 4) light flashes, in pairing mode

Works with ST Hub.

Thanks for the help everyone!