Portable speakers - mid range - restricted to sonos for a long time?

so as far as decent (not the china bluetooth shower speakers) portable speakers go, like a one-peice with stereo sound and good sub … are we limited to integration with sonos for a while now?

i am thinking of maybe buying one like or something hoping something like rocki gets integrated into smart things (the 3.5 adapter) … doesnt have to be rocki specifically

Klipsch KMC 1
Portable Bluetooth® powered speaker system with aptX® audio streaming (Black)

I am just afraid to bite the sonos bullet and be stuff, rather have more flexibility… but my bday is coming up… need a speaker anyway…

so main question is - is there anything coming down the pipe sometime soon? is sonos pretty good and i should stop worrying about being forced to stick with one solution?

(not itunes/none mac user)

THANK YOU for replies in advance

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What about the Samsung Shape speaker system, specifically the M7 or M5.
I am looking at these speakers to add to my existing Samsung portfolio of electronics.
They operate just like Sonos but with Blu-tooth.

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they work with the smart things app?

Right now the only speakers that work with ST is Sonos. I’m not aware of any other integrations in progress, but that doesn’t mean much.

Since the hub doesn’t do Bluetooth, it is unlikely there will be a good integration with any bluetooth devices in the near future.

I just purchased a Sonos Play:1 this past weekend. It’s pretty awesome.

what aboutsomething on wifi? or nfc?

i would love to buy a regular speaker, who cares bt or not, and then use the rocki things in usb port to make them wifi

more flexibility, not locked into one proprietary brand…

did you get a good deal? do we still have to buy hub?

The Samsung Shape speakers do not presently work with Smartthings…but I wish they did. These are also Wifi-enabled speakers.
I think I have 14 Samsung devices right now in my home and many communicate with each other seamlessly, which is why I keep buying more and I wish Smartthings would add in functionality for their Smart TV’s, Tablets and so on…
Come to think of it, I would love to see a Smartthings TV app to configure their system on my screen…

that would be cool, u have a smart tv?

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Now that Samsung has bought ST I thought I would revive this thread. Does anyone at ST think this (Shape) will now be supported - future plans?

My guess would be yes, eventually. The v2 ST hub has been announced with Bluetooth. But whether “eventually” will be this year, next year, or later than that, who knows?

If SmartThings would have integrated these I would have purchased these speakers last year, but since they did not I purchased Sonos and couldn’t be happier with how great these speakers are!!

You can use many speakers, tv and adapters with DLNA Media Renderer , include many brands no just sonos RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)

if you have a mac and airtunes obythings is nice. I have it pushing music to an airport express hooked into some decent computer speakers. it works for regular itunes music as well as the voice notifications that sonos/smartthings supports.

i also have a sonos and it’s nice though.