Jawbone integration in Uk in Version 2.4.1

I am trying to integrate my Up24 into my SmartThings app in the UK and Ireland, but I can’t get the smart app to do it with in version 2.4.1. Any ideas?

I would check with support, but they appear to have dropped jawbone 24 integration. They discontinued all the smartapps that used to work with it. It’s been a problematic integration for some time as every time jawbone changed its app integration would fail for a while. I had one integrated with SmartThings back in 2014, but gave up on it by the end of 2015. :disappointed_relieved: But you can check with support and see.


Thank You JDRoberts

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It appears that Jawbone itself is going out of business:

Thank you JDRoberts, that’s very helpful information.

Margaret P

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