Jawbone UP24 Step Count Issue

I have connected my Jawbone UP24 to my SmartThings Hub via the Jawbone UP24 (Connect) SmartApp. Unfortunately, SmartThings reports my step count as %S STEPS. I have to assume that it’s reporting a variable name with no value. Is this a known bug, or is there a configuration error in my setup?

I noticed the same thing with mine. I can see the # of steps in the activity feed, but not on that tile

@juano2310 have you seen this?

I have screen captures of my Activity Feed for the UP, my overall Activity Feed, and my Things page if you need examples. I’m on the Android App as well if that helps.

Ben, it seams to be a problem with Android. I don’t have a device to test it. What do you think it could be?

Hi, do you have an Android or iPhone?

I’m on an Android phone. A Galaxy Note 3 to be specific. I’m using version 1.5.8 Build Number 1580.

Yep, android here as well

I’ve also tried to use the Sleepy Time app with no luck. The app doesn’t respond at all to changes in the sleep state. Is it possible that the two issues are related?

Are there any updates on the Jawbone issues? The integration is non-functional on my Android devices.

Just talked to Jeff (CTO SmartThings) and he said: “The Android mobile app doesn’t support string substitution in the tile value. Known problem and will be fixed ASAP.”

Thanks for the update. I wonder if it’s possible to have the mobile app filter out any Smart Apps that are not compatible with the user’s device (Android/Apple).

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