Jasco switch and Hub addition?

I have purchased my smarthome hub, and have since just received my first switch to start the Smarthome process, the switch is a Jasco ZW3003 dimmer switch. I go to the “Smarthing” app on my phone, and click on Connect new device, Lights & Switches, Switches & Dimmers, Jasco, then Jasco In-Wall Lighting Control Dimmer Switch, and then I click Connect Now. I receive the “I’m looking for a Switch or Dimmer switch”. It tells me to follow the directions at the bottom, I was not able to locate a pairing procedure, or anything. So, at this time I dont seem to be able to get the switch to pair or show up within the dashboard for the Smarthings app. Can you please give me some idea on what I need to do to make this work correctly?

Once you initiate the pairing process from the hub, you need to physically turn the switch on or off in order to initiate the pairing from the switch. Once you do that Smartthings will find the switch.

How far from the hub is this switch?

Generally wired devices are recommended to be no more than 10-15 feet from the hub for pairing.

Typically, this means getting a long ethernet cable and bringing your hub to the device (battery power for the hub is handy here)

haha I have an extension cord that goes to a 2 gang box. So I just connect my device, plug in the cord pair it, and them move it to wherever it is going to live.

currently the hub is placed in a home office and is about 25 feet away from the switch i wish to pair. I will try locating a longer cat5 cable to move it closer to the hub, i know it is very frustrating and makes it hard to understand when just getting started. Thank you for the ideas, and I will update this message tomorrow once I have made any lead way…

Today I took a long CAT5 cable and put the hub about 1 foot from the first switch I want to connect to ST. However even though the backof the hub had a solid green light prior to trying to locate a device, and then would start blinking when I tried to discover the device it never was able to locate the switch. I tried multiple times with no sucess. As well per the instructions, i pressed the switch up once to allow the hub to locate the switch. But it never was able to locate it. I then even pushed down to see if this would help, and it didnt seem to make any difference. I did wait about 5 minutes in between times to try to have the hub locate the switch in between attempts. Did I wait long enough? any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can do a General Device Exclusion since this is a Zwave device.

This will make sure it isn’t tied to anything. Then you can try to add it again.

Thank you for the suggestion, however I am not familar on how to do this since I am new to ST. As well this is the only switch or device I have. I wanted to get one working before purchasing more items.

In the app, click on the menu in the top Right.

Go to “My Locations”

Click on your hub location’s settings icon - it’s the gear in the top right

Scroll down to where it says your hub’s name and says Active under it. Click on this

Click on Z-Wave Utilities

Click on General Device Exclusion

Wait a few minutes until it finishes (start and finish tasks show up on your phone screen)