Jasco 46202 toggle lost control of LED in toggle

I recently had to replace one Jasco Enbrighten toggle dimmer (46204) and two Enbrighten toggle switches (46202). After adding the two toggle switches (46202) I no longer have a “Settings” option in the drop down menu to set the LED preference for the two newly added Toggle switches (46202). In place of the “Settings” option I have a “Driver” option, but there is no other driver selection. I do have the “Settings” option for the newly added Toggle Dimmer (46204) and my other previously added 46202 switches.

I have excluded the new switches and re-added them specifying them through the menu instead of letting SmartThings find them but the result is the same.

Jasco support thinks this is a SmartThings issue. Any help is appreciated.

Install one of the Edge Drivers from below for your z-wave device. Then change it to the new Driver in the Driver section (under 3 dots) for those Devices. The Developer also has Drivers for Zigbee versions.


Thank you for the quick response. Unfortunately I am not familiar with installing drivers in my system. Can you point me to how to do this specific to my GE 46202 switch?

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  • click on the link above
  • look for the Channel invitation on that page that the developer posted and click on it and login
  • enroll and select the drivers you wish to use and they will be installed directly on your hub
  • in the ST app, find and open your device
  • click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen where you found Settings but click on Driver.
  • click on Select Different Driver and select the Driver you enrolled earlier
  • go back to Settings for the Device and see if you can change the behavior of the LED on the switch

Welcome to Edge Drivers!

Anytime you find a stock Edge Driver might be missing some feature that was available before, search the forum to see if a Developer might have created an Edge Driver for additional features.

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Since you’re using ST’s Edge driver, your other alternative is to manually set the LED:

Cycle LED light
An LED shines behind the toggle to act as a guide light or status indicator.
How to cycle between options: Press up three times, then down one time quickly

  1. LED is OFF all the time (default)
  2. LED is ON all of the time (illuminates switch in the dark)
  3. LED is ON when the load is OFF (guide light in the dark)
  4. LED is ON when the load is ON (indicates the switch is ON)



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Thank You. I was able to install the new driver, install it and now I have the Settings option back. I set the LED status how I want but will have to wait until I am home to verify.