IVEE added smartthings support

Ok, so far as to Ivee not once have been been able to turn anything on or off, it just does something else, have no clue what I madding wrong but seems it is just not interacting correctly. There are only two commands on and off in there and sup pore to give device name but nothing happens it just does something random. So a few more attempts or guess will be returning it.

As to Ubi so far it just worked great, has hardly failed to complete the command like lights on or off.

Will be trying a few more scenarios out and see.

Took a look at SireProxy and it looks pretty promising. I have a few old machines lying around. I might try it on one.

any updates on this ???

I just found out that siri proxy was taken down as of iOS7. There are a few other exploits out there, but until the SiriProxy team adds ios7 support, I’m going to abandon the project. Android users has a few options (NFC seems to be working well for my fiancee).

Maybe i should hack one of my old Androids and leave it always on. I’m sure there’s an Android app out there that does this.

Hi @effusion01, were you ever able to get Ivee working? I’m thinking about purchasing an Ivee or an Ubi, but since you have experience with both, I’d like to know what you thought about each of them.


I like UBI only because integration with ST is better
but Ivee is more polished product with great sound.

If Ivee (which is possible) extends it’s integration with ST like announce when door opens etc. I will prefer Ivee

I was surprised how easy it was to integrate Ivee w/ ST. Posted a video on youtube…

How long have you had the Ivee for? the connection was actually too simple! it picked up on everything right away and worked on the Ivee for voice command right away as well.

But after 24hrs of use, i’ve found its accuracy is about 1/3 especially if you have things named as Bedroom or Bathroom, you have to name everything long and different from one another. I also started getting errors about, network not available, and the Ivee would randomly think i was asking it something when watching TV or speaking on the phone. It has automatically set random alarm times multiple times so far and when i try and use voice command to cancel the alarm it only works 1/2 time. So far its a nice, “gimmick” but with any background noise, or any deviation from activation phrase it will not work. Combined with the, network not available error i got today, i’m glad i only paid $25 for these things…

I literally got mine today. So far it seems like I have to talk very “calmly” for it to recognize me. Where did you get yours for $25? I got mine for $30 at Staples.com but they are out and I may want more. It’s honestly quicker at turning lights on/off than the ST app (taking phone out pocket, opening app, clicking on things, waiting for refresh, remembering what symbol is for the light you want, etc).

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I was going to ask where they were for $30… Thanks for mentioning staples. My local staples had 1 left in stock for 30, I just bought it and will be picking it up tomorrow.

Staples, I had a $5 reward card and 5% back in points so actually a little less than $25 if you count those… I actually picked one up from staples and then best buy had them locally so I picked it up another one from there for $30-10%-$10 rewards-5% cash back. So just over $15 for the second one…

When it works it works fast! I’d say 7sec from the time you start saying “hello ivee” till the light actually turns on/off…

I picked mine up today. Satisfied for only spending $30… IRIS support is much better than ST support. I hope this changes.

I just picked mine up for $30 from staples. Will be nice if smartthings integration picks up.

Closest staples to me had none. Planning on going on a safari tonight or tomorrow to see if I can find some.

Got one, but she’s broken. Wants to do a firmware update before she responds to any commands, but can’t download the update. It seems that many people are having this same issue.

Not a good start.

TLDR: IVEE’s voice recognition sucks and don’t expect it to work.

I returned my IVEE last week. I backed the project on kickstarter and I’ll tell you this: they oversold the product. The voice recognition was AWFUL and instead of controlling what I needed or telling me the information I needed, I always got the time in some country in Europe.

I went back and forth with their support team and after a MONTH they determined my microphones to be bad. I sent it back for a replacement on my own dime. My replacement unit came in the wrong color and with a UK plug. Those were the last straw. I demanded a refund and was granted one.

While it’s nice to have ST integration in a voice device, it’s only as good as the actual voice recognition. I have an Amazon Echo coming on Tuesday and if there’s any hope, I’ll get ST control going with that via IFTTT or an API / hack when things are made available.

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I’ve got an Ubi and and Amazon Echo. I can tell you this - the Echo’s voice recognition is AMAZING. It actually works. Ubi is flat awful. Ubi has Smartthings integration, but it can’t understand or perform the actions that you ask for, so it’s kinda useless.
Once they get some sort of Echo/Smartthings integration going, it will be an amazing product.