iTunes api and Smartthings

Can someone make a smart app that can integrate with iTunes API found here: ?

Basically looking for a Media app that emulates Sonos actions in smartthings so i can fully control my iTunes server on Mac from smartthings and actiontiles .

Obything has failed me and not put out newest version.

I asked twice in the last 4 months. He claims he is “Working On it”. But this was months ago and his website hasn’t updated in 2 1/2years.

Good to know he is alive and may now have the time to work on ObyThing app.

Looks like you can use simple HTTP requests to the maddox/itunes-api once you get it installed. You can use webCoRE to execute the commands and even read the data that’s being returned via the $response composite variable. Worth a shot?

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Wish I could but not a coder or dev. Hence my initial request “Can someone make a smart app”

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Hey all. Yes, I’m still alive and developing. :slight_smile: I would really love to get ObyThing up and working again (and BeaconThings too). All I can say is that it will definitely come back at some point, but I can’t make any promises of when.