Issues with the smartthings.exe when installing the CLI

I’ve been reading the limited SmartThings documentation and the SmartThings forums on this topic, and I couldn’t quite find the correct solution. When I run the .exe file it just shortly pops up a command line window and immediately closes it, am I even supposed to be running it or is the correct way to just move into it’s directory through the command line and type the commands from there? Because when I did that, it gave me an error that the “config.yaml” file is missing, which as I understand it should be generated when the .exe itself is ran.

I would greatly appreciate any help I can get here, thanks.

The latter, although if you install the command in your PATH you don’t have to be in the same folder.

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What do you mean by Path? I made a folder for the file and placed the .exe there. Anyways, I did try the latter option as I said, but it gave me an error:

Where can I even get this file?

PATH allows you to run a command in a folder other than the one where it’s saved. It specifies the list of folders that the OS should search for the executable.

The command you’re attempting to run, smartthings edge:drivers:package, takes a folder on your computer and packages it as an edge driver. If you don’t have a folder prepared with all of the necessary files to have a running edge driver, you’ll continue to get errors.

A few other commands that you can try running that do not require a file or folder as input are smartthings devices to see a list of your installed devices, smartthings edge:drivers:installed to see drivers already installed on your hub, or smartthings edge:drivers:logcat to start live logging in a running driver. There are many others - the help option in the CLI is pretty useful for figuring out what’s possible and how to use each command.


This reply was very helpful for sure, I guess this would be a follow up question then: Is there a preset for the files needed for packaging a driver for example, or is that something I have to setup in it’s entirety on my own?

There’s a description of the required components of a driver at the link below:

Those files would either need to be written by you or copied from a driver someone else has already written. For example , SmartThings has the source code for their stock drivers available here and some additional drivers available here.

There are a number of resources available for developers looking to get started that are linked off the top post of the Edge announcement topic:

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The CLI has proved very useful for me. It’s a bit clunky but it’ll do.

The one big thing missing for me is the ability to get device info (make/model) easily. Seems a no brainer that’s blatantly missing (unless I have missed something!). Edge devices don’t show this in the web UI so now there’s nowhere to see that info that I can see.