Trying to install cli on windows 10

Hi @nayelyz
I am trying to install cli on windows and when i try to run the cli , it will open for about 2 sec and then close by itself .
Sometime the cli stay open but as soon as i clic inside it closed itself .
I Have generate a toke and create config.yaml and paste that token inside .

Somethings that i doing wrong ??

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I had the same issue. I think I ended up using npm to install it.

So i have install node js and npm and i did (
npm install
And i got somer error
i can see smarthings .exe in program file , but it does the same thing .

You used the word “clic” so it may be worth mentioning that you cannot double-click on the CLI from a GUI. It has to be run within a command prompt window.

And you should not have to mess with Node at all. Just download and extract the windows .exe file into a directory on your computer - open a command prompt window - navigate to the directory where you extracted the smartthings.exe file, and run it. The first time you run it, it will open a browser window where you’ll need to sign in to your SmartThings account and give permissions.


Thanks its working now

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