Issues with the new stock Smart Locks / Smart Codes feature

I was trying to move off a 3rd party lock solution just to try to use the inbox features.

I’m having two issues, which perhaps @Brad_ST or the community has some advice around?

  1. Making any change to add or remove a code results in an indefinite spinner in the Lock Codes UI. You can exit the app or hit back to get out of the spinner and it seems to work, but I worry that perhaps the code isn’t going to “stick” one of these times. At the least, stock experience feels unpolished.

Does this indefinite spinner happen for other brands of locks or just my Kwikset 914s? Any other advice here?

  1. The lock code history refers to a code number for each lock, but there is no code number listed in the list of “Lock Codes” in the UI. Is there a reason we can’t get the history to use our names, or at least reflect the lock code number in the Lock Codes UI?

My best work around so far is to wait for each code to be used, then go back and add it to the name of the Lock Code, in case I have some kind of emergency or theft and need to be able to actually use the history feature to figure out which actual person opened the lock. Other ideas?


Some folks are using a third solution which compatible with ST’s stock device handlers and SmartLocks to manage programming the codes and then use SmartLocks to view the activity history page to see what happened.

If you have access to RBoy Apps check out this SmartApp which is compatible with SmartLocks and can run on the stock ST device handlers:

Does the indefinite spinner happen across several devices? Android or iOS?

You should see the name of the code used to unlock the door. If you’re seeing the number instead, that’s some our support team should look into for you.

However, even if you are seeing the numbers not the name, you can associate those with the code slots in the IDE, as shown in the image above…

You are lucky. The built-in smart lock app will not even let me see or set any codes for my locks. The thing is completely useless. Only thing I can do is lock and unlock them.

I’m on iPhone, don’t have android. Thanks for pointing out that lockCodes field in the IDE-- helps with debugging this.

To be clear, the “indefinite” spinner I see most is the one at “Creating Code.” If I leave it long enough (I mean like minutes where the iPhone goes to sleep, then the when the app reloads it will repaint the UI without the spinner. If I keep the iPhone awake in the app, I’ve waited at least 90 seconds… maybe longer with the spinner still there.

I wasn’t sure if maybe changing the device handler from “Z-Wave Lock” to “Z-Wave Lock with Codes” might do something different or eliminate the spinner. One thing I notice is that “rename code” might not work on “Z-Wave Lock with Codes” but does work on “Z-Wave Lock”? Can someone confirm I should be using the “Z-Wave Lock” device handler for my Kwikset 914s (regardless of the confusing fact that it does have codes :slight_smile: ).

After trying various things related to the spinner, I also now have a bigger problem that’s specific to only one of my Kwikset 914s. I’m not sure what I did to get here, but now Smartthings doesn’t think I have a code 4 on this lock, but I think the Kwikset 914 actually does, so I get this failure when I try to add a new code:


Is the best thing to do to clear out all the codes manually on the Kwikset 914 and re-add all the codes? Or is there an easier solution.

I appreciate the suggestion to use support, but I was unable to find any public documentation on these issues and I think it would help many others if questions like these were answered here where the answers can be quickly Googled.