Issues with scenes involving Honeywell TCC 6000 Thermostat

I last updated these scenes for the thermostat 10 days ago, and today when I try to edit the action within the scene, the action is just greyed out. All I can do hit the minus button to remove it. I dont really want to remove it just yet because when I click the + button my thermostats dont even show up anymore (apparently they dont have any available actions per the note at the bottom of the screen). When I look at the IDE and within the smartthings app the thermostats still appear there but it doesnt appear to have any ability to interact with them anymore. Did the devicehandler change on these recently causing this issue? Using the thermostat’s native app I can still control them just fine. In case anyone asks, I did reboot the smartthings hub as well and it made no difference :slight_smile: Basically my scene actions seem to be in readonly mode at the moment and execute as written without any errors.

It seems Honeywells servers are on the fritz yet again as they have been for the past 3 weeks. It is becoming quit ridiculous.

Edit… seems that deleting the thermostat and re-adding did the trick.

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Thanks, deleting the devices and putting them back worked. Such a hassle to recreate all the scenes and automations related to the thermostats!

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