Adjust Thermostat with Scene or Automation

What is going on with controlling Thermostat from Scenes and Automations? It is not showing up on the list of Control Devices, and the scenes i do have it says “Unknown Action”. This has worked, and then changed to not working over the last several weeks. It keeps appearing to work, and then stop.

I have a Honeywell 8000/9000 and I’ve used that DH, and the Enhanced Device Handler from @RBoy as well, and now I can’t control my thermostat from Scenes or Automations.

This is incredibly annoying because I’ve had this working for literally years, and not it has stopped. I’m using a ST v2 hub, and no network settings or connection has changed. It has great connection to the network, and works from the HoneyWell app.

I use this to set my heat/cool at night, and turn it back on in the morning, but it simple has stopped working.

What is going on?? I put a post 3 weeks ago and silence from ST? Anyone??

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There have been an extraordinary amount of issues with scenes and automations since thee previous app update. The issue most likely lies here. Several people have stated that they dont have access to half their devices when creating scenes and automations and have disappeared from others.

Ditto here with my thermostat. My existing automatons on the thermostat show “unknown action”. And if I try to add a device action to a scene or automation the thermostat doesn’t show up. But I can change it’s temp via the app or Google home. It’s weird. But more importantly it’s ticking off my wife!

…same issue here with all automations linked to a Eurotronics TRV with Device Handler by wogapat · GitHub

Automations linked the Danfoss LC 13 can still be edited.

Has anyone figured out what is going on or got some feedback from ST?

Samething here. Can’t control my thermostat anymore from Scenes or Automations and unable to figure out why.

I have a Stelpro convector that is still working. But my Centralite Thermostats for which I have a custom device handler aren’t working anymore.

Very annoying.