Issues with Community Installer app

To the best of my knowledge, I installed/published the Community Installer app (ST-Community-Installer) correctly on my laptop.

I then opened up the SmartThings mobile app on my iPad so that I could run the installer app. The end goal is to install the NST Manager app for SmartThings.

In the mobile ST app, I clicked on Marketplace > SmartApps > My Apps, where I do see the ST-Community-Installer app listed. I opened that up and select SmartThings as my IDE Login Account Type. I then clicked on the “Installer Home” section to load the app.

Now here is where I am having two issues:

  1. On the Log In page, I enter in my email address and click the Next button and then enter in my password. These are the identical email address and password I use to login to the SmartThings mobile app BUT it is telling me that either my ID or Password is incorrect.

I then get a 2nd login page, where I enter in the exact same combo and it works just fine.

Any idea why this is happening?

  1. So after the 2nd login attempt works, the app does open up and the text “Loading Data Please Wait” comes up on the screen and it just sits there forever. Nothing actually loads. There are blue and orange rings around that text.

Again, any idea why this would be happening?


Thanks for any help.

Any reason you did not post in the Community Installer thread?


Not by design. New to the community as of today.

How can I delete this post?

I’m planning to try and follow you. I’m having the same issue.