Issues pairing Osram RGB garden lights

I have reset the bulbs off/on 3 sec X 5 waited the 10 seconds and see them flash but ST is not pairing these guys.

They were working fine and I noticed today that they were no longer working in the hub. So I removed then and reset now I cannot pair them.

Did you remove them from ST ? If you did not, and just reset the bulbs ST won’t " find" them. It will just re-include them and put them back where they belong, since their ZigBee ID does not change.

Usually a powercycle is all that is needed to wake them up when they freeze up or drop off.

Have you tried controlling them again after searching and not finding them ?

I removed them from the app. They are no longer there. ST is still unable to add them back.

My Oscram garden lights worked perfect for a week & then nothing. I’ve tried about 5 resets. I moved the “little black box” so the zigbee signal would only have to go thru a concrete block with brick wall to get to my ST’s hub. That fix worked briefly.

I’m no expert; thinking the zigbee signal isn’t reaching my ST V1 hub. I don’t have to have these lights connected to ST’s.

I think I’m just gonna buy the $32 gateway and see if that solves my problem. The boss tells me these lights must be up & running in the next week for Christmas.

They were working fine for months for me. Not sure what the issue is.

Might be better ( easier ) to enhance your ZigBee mesh. Adding a ZigBee wall wart ( for Christmas tree ? ) by the window closest to where the Gardenspots are might be all you need.

I just got that iris plug so I’ll try that.

I finally got them add back in the hub. They were showing a – instead of on/off so I power cycled the hub. Now they are there and show on/off but do not turn on when I press on.

It kinda feels weird quoting myself. Anyways, I got the Oscram gateway & my garden lights seem to be stable. The boss is happy now so it was worth the 32 bucks. Their app is kind of crappy in my opinion.

My question; could I still connect these to ST’s while using the Oscram gateway? Would that just mess things up again? I would wait to try it after the holidays, don’t want the boss to put me on the bad list again.

If you mean at the same time, no they can only be connected to 1 controller. AFAIK, There is no ability to connect an Osram hub to ST like you do with Hue hub. I still have an issue with 1 or 2 of my Gardenspots freezing up and needing regualer power cycles to get reconnected to ST. It is not a weak mesh issue, since they are the ones actually closest to the hub. Strange that the set in the back yard & the set out at the end of the driveway are stable, yet the 2 sets on the porch 10 feet from ST hub constantly give me issues.

$26 right now at Lowe’s for Osram gateway & A19 white starter kits

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My ST hub is in the basement. I’m just guessing my problem was the zigbee signal trying to go thru a concrete wall, brick & dirt. I just goof around with this stuff, I’m no expert. :sunglasses:

Mine isn’t the mesh. I have a few devices now near and power cycled and still having issues. They worked for months without an issue and then just stopped.