Issues in the last 24 hours with connecting to weather underground via the smartapp

I have a temperature/humidity sensor connected to the Weather Underground and registered as PWS at the site. Everything has been fine for months, but in the last 24-48 hours I’ve been getting notices that my PWS hasn’t reported in for about 24 hours.

I go to the WSU smartapp, and everything appears to be normal and functioning. I decide to re-enter my weather underground password on the app just to make sure and…I get an unexpectederror from the WSU smartthings app.

Is an issue with other folks?

  • Rob

I had the same issue with harmony.

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There are all sorts of issues and is hitting both cloud and local processing. We can all hope they will fix it sooner than later. Matt @keltymd is your Keenect working? Mine has been hit and miss in the past 48 hours…

ST is in shambles over past 24 hours. Massive issues and no updates

about the same. Actually I had to swap to a nest because the relay in my new CT100 was locking up. It has been ok

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