Issue with an automation execution in new smartthings app (not the classic one)

Finally moved from classic to the new smarthings app. Having an issue with a few automation “scripts”. Here is the example. Attached are automation in question and the corresponding history/log. Given that humanity is flying to Mars these days and yet we cannot have an accurate and responsive mobile presence I have three set up in my app hopping at least one would work sooner than later. From the first image, I expect that once one of the presence sensors turns not present would execute the commands after then statement and set the mode to Away. The remaining two sensors once turn “not present” should not execute after then statements sicne the mode is Away (not Home) . What am I doing wrong. Thank you. Zoran.

This cropped up the other day. When you are using an ‘any’ condition group, the location pre-condition doesn’t seem to work (or if it does work it isn’t doing what users expect).