Issue pairing a YRD216 Z-WAVE lock to a v3 Hub

Hello SmartThings Community

When trying to pair a YRD216 (industry-standard z-wave lock), we’re seeing these logs

The lock/hub pairing mode is timing out. No matter what we try, we cannot get these z-wave locks to pair anymore. We’ve ruled out any possible user error at this point, by being on the phone with them for hours. This has happened to several of our clients in the last few days.

When in paring mode with the lock, the hub is not blinking green.

This is the first time we’ve seen the logs for “z-wave include search started” and “ended” and this is also the first time a functional hub with "
z-wave functional" has failed us.

Please advise!

Do you have any custom device handlers for locks installed? If so, re-publish those device handlers in IDE. Then try to add your lock.

This has nothing to do with device handlers. This is a fresh out of the box install with brand new hardware, no device handlers installed yet.

Try to exclude the lock first (see the lock manual).