isPhysical not working for Dimmer Switch

Does anyone know of a fix / work for the isPhysical command not working for events. It used to work fine, but after an update isPhysical is always returning false. I want to only have an app do something if the switch was physically turned on/off. I have a leviton 1000W dimmer. Will writing a custom handler for the dimmer work?

If you are on hub V2 it should be working, and if not contact support. On hub V1 the device handler dropped support for isPhysical. However, you can use an older device handler and it works. This one in Github works (has an extra command, but you can ignore that):


Thanks, I am on V2 so I will contact support, and try the old device handler.

Chuck, did you get anywhere with support? And which support are we talking about anyway? SmartThings or the device manufacturer?

I had some smart automation set up that used the isPhysical property and it is now broken. Both isDigital() and isPhysical() always report false. I know there are several workarounds but I am not aware of one that would keep my automation “local”. For my use case I really don’t want cloud processing.

I recommend contacting

Even if they did not write the Device Handler (they do for quite a few Things though…), they are responsible for certifying it and can escalate to the manufacturer if there is a bug.

@vlad is super helpful in this regard; loves finding bugs and has often expedited fixes. But he also appreciates the note to Support because that ensures everything is properly tracked and prioritized, especially more obscure issues.