For Sale - iSmart Alarm Preferred with integration control + Extra Siren and Spot camera

Every Christmas, you hear about people that have all their gifts bought, wrapped and under the tree, only to come home to the terrible realization that they’ve had a break-in and everything is gone.

Don’t let this happen to you!

This is the iSmart Alarm Preferred package with a motion sensor, two contact sensors, and two remotes. I’m including an iSmart Alarm 110dB external siren (has battery backup) and iSmart Spot Camera (same camera as Wyze cam).

  • Very easy to use app

  • Instant notifications via both app and phone call

  • IFTTT and Alexa supported

  • Camera allows two-way communication, and detects smoke and CO alarms (very quickly). It can be used integrated or stand alone.

  • One remote and a dry contact bridge for direct control from SmartThings.


  • With two remotes and no local control

All components are in excellent condition and will come in the original box. If selecting the direct control option, you will be able to use a Zigbee or Z-Wave relay of your choice for local control of Arm Away, Arm Home, Disarm, and Panic, allowing control and triggering from ST if you wish.

This is an excellent system and has been 100% reliable. I’ve been very satisfied with it, but I am selling because my wife wanted a system that has a professional monitoring option. This is a self monitoring system, but you can have it call other numbers in the event of a break-in at no extra charge.

Black Friday - Priced to move
iSmart Alarm Preferred package with extra siren and camera = $100 USD + Shipping
iSmart Alarm Preferred package with direct control capability, plus an extra siren and camera = $120 USD + Shipping

Will ship to US or Canada
PM me if interested and please feel free to ask me any questions about the system.

Ahhh, the old “fear sells” tactic. Nice.


It does, but this actually happened to my friends two years ago. They had no security system at the time.

Black Friday Deal
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Is this product SmartThings integrated?

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No, it’s not. I own two of their cameras and I would recommend staying away from them. Go for the Wyze that are the same/similar hardware, but different firmware.

True it is not integrated via an API. My method of controlling has been to create a bridge from one of the included remotes. Any Zigbee or Z-Wave relays with dry contacts can close their contacts allowing Arm, Disarm, Arm Home, and Panic. This allows control from SmartThings.

The camera is iSmart alarm firmware, so it can be used integrated with the alarm system, or stand alone, but the iSmart Alarm app is required. However, because the base hardware is Xiaomi, all of the open source firmware that can flash Wyze, can also flash this camera if you wish.