Ismartalarm integration

Hi guys,

Before i purchased smartthings, I was foolish enough to buy and setup ismartalarm. Now I have a bunch of door and window and motion sensors that work well with the ismartalarm system but don’t work with smartthings. It would cost me allot of money to replace my alarm setup with the smartthings motion and door censors. IFTTT allows me to do the most basic things in terms of integration… But it not enough. Is there any way for me to link either the Cube one (Ismartalarm Hub) to smartthings… and would it be possible to link the censors directly to smartthings using some kind of code?

Please help.

I have this same issue. At the cabin my dad install the ismartalarm. I am trying to convince him to go away from x10 lights and to ST, and I really like some of the ST stuff over the iSmartAlarm, but I can’t find a way to reuse any of the existing sensors he bought.

I’m also having the same issue. Did we find a solution!