Is this normal - disappearing battery status

I’ve been using Smartthings for a few years now, but only just really got into a more advanced setup.

I started to monitor battery life, using a nice sharptools dashboard, and this morning a few items were missing.

Investigating the IKEA FYRTUR blinds, appear to no longer display their battery readings.

They were there just the other day, so I know that ‘something has changed’ … but I am not quite sure what, nor how.

My questions are really:

  • Is this the native Smartthings DTH updating quietly behind the scenes?
  • Is this the firmware for the device no longer exposing the battery?
  • I see Device is ‘Draft’ … does this have any effect?
  • Is there a way to stop this happening, other than copying devices into my own git repo?

I’m not too fussed about getting a resolution, unless it is super quick and easy, because I’m sure things will change once Edge goes from beta to General Availability.

Hi, I’ve had this on a couple of devices and so far it seems to be when the battery drops below 20%, often taking the battery out, waiting 10 or so seconds then putting in back in solves it… What devices are they?

They are the Ikea blinds, and after a couple of days the next time I checked everything was back to normal.

I’m going to write this off as a UI bug or something. :man_shrugging: