Is this New UI?

So I was looking at the Samsung store app at the new sensors (which btw did they get new ones Because the motion sensors look new…) and saw this image. Is this in the smartthings app or maybe part of the new ‘app’?

Something about that pic reminds me of the old app interface. I didn’t use it for long so I’m probably wrong.

Yep…This was the old “new” interface .

@anon90085328 and @stephack,

Brian’s first image shows a “favorite” device you can set up for a Room. Just edit the Room and tap on the star next to a device.

@johnconstantelo I’m not quite why you posted this. Brian was asking whether this was a new app interface. Unfortunately it’s not.

I got an email this morning about the new app, and that I should be excited about it.

I hope we get to see it, see its spectacular new functionality, before being forced to move to it.

Don’t companies always tell you to be excited for their new products just before they screw you.

the “new” app is available on the app store, or if you have a samsung phone is already installed as they just re-branded the samsung connect app.